Looking Into The Growth of Solar Energy Industry in the United States

It is said that the power from the solar is the one that holds the key to all of the objectives of the America for a good energy. It can make jobs that could pay well and that it can support the growing economy on the clean energy. This is according to the Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz of the United States of America. Well not only in America but almost countries depend much on the solar. The Solar is actually the fastest- growing source of renewable energy in America. The United States of America solar industry employs 174,000 Americans promoting diversity in the workplace there are additional 31,000 jobs in 2014.

The US solar industry even pledges for 50,000 veterans working by 2020. The solar jobs have been grown up to 86% in just 4 years now adding workers at a rate nearly 20 times faster than an overall company one of the fastest-growing industries in America. As a matter of fact, 9 out 10 Americans support solar because it is delivering its own promises. There are 500 MW of solar is installed in U.S. as of 2004 and by the year 2014, there are 20,000 MW of solar is installed and the way of dresses are upgrading year by year, go here in this agency to help and guide you to conduct for your visa 台胞證辦理. In the year 2004, there are 15,500 homes had a solar PV system and by the year 2014, there are 600,000 homes had a solar PV system.

The solar industry has 100 utility-scale solar projects nationwide as of 2004 but in the year 2014, it has 1,100 utility scale projects nationwide. According to estimation, there are $2.6 billion invested in U.S. solar installations and as of 2014, there are $71.1 billion invested in U.S. solar installations with the help of this agency to help you apply for passport 台胞證申請. Americans are benefitting with this tremendous growth.