Introducing Intercellular Light Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

The word cancer is being feared to everyone for it is one of the mysterious diseases that has been left unsolved and untreated. Until this time, the field of medical science is still searching and looking for the treatment of cancer. One of the discovered treatment for cancer that is proven effective is the use of light therapy. This is actually a light-based cancer therapy and it’s a light source that can kill cancer cells even in deep tissues. This light therapy can kill and destroy the cancer cells in just one procedure.

The phototherapy was known and has been long used for treating cancer but according to the scientist, this phototherapy is only effective when the light easily reaches the cancer area. Unlike the phototherapy being used, this new form of light therapy for cancer needs the light to directly focus on the cancer cells or tumor in a way that the light will destroy the cancer cells. The light from the radioactive materials destroy the cancer cells when it interacts with an injected drug. The succession of the treatment doesn’t depend only on the light therapy but also with the chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy drug which is sensitive to light as its photosensitive source of free radicals can be activated by the light to destroy cancer. The chemotherapy drugs capture the light that coming out from the radioactive materials and then transform them into a strong toxic material that kills cancer cell and this procedure is called the Stimulated Intercellular Light Therapy. Online business engage in online marketing services to optimize their product and services. Through technology marketing you can make a wide range of audiences to view your business. It is because of the seo technique that makes your business into the top in the digital world.